Are you ready to take the reins of a flourishing online business?

Here’s your chance to acquire, an established member-based streaming platform with a library of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes taught by world renowned instructors. This is a turnkey opportunity that comes fully equipped with streamlined, low-maintenance infrastructure and low overhead. With automated systems in place, managing the platform requires a minimal commitment of only 4-5 hours per week. Plus, there is a reserve of pre-recorded unreleased content, so you can continue to push new classes live at the current rate for the next two years! With a solid foundation already established, you will have the freedom to nurture the platform’s potential while building upon its existing success.

  • All-in-one price of $120,000 – no additional set up costs required
  • Custom built website designed for effortless navigation
  • Vast library of 500+ Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation classes
  • Two years worth of pre-recorded, unreleased content
  • Established social media accounts including YouTube page with 300+ videos that consistently attracts users generating numerous subscriptions
  • Streamlined systems requiring only 4-5 hours of work each week
  • Onboarding and set-up call along with access to the current owner for consultations within the first 30 days post-sale
  • Growing global membership base with over 500 members subscribed to monthly ($15/month) and annual ($99/year) plans
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